This set saves your day – every day.

The Dentastic Five. Your everyday heroes for efficient removal of fillings and restorations.

Dentastic Five. Sounds like super heroes – and that’s exactly what they are. Five instruments that make daily removal of crowns, restorations and fillings as easy, fast and safe as possible. All in one set – ready at your service whenever you need them.  

The Dentastic Five are available in a plastic bur block or in a stainless steel bur block suitable for reprocessing. They are not just convenient, but also smart: The silhouettes of the instruments are depicted on the bur blocks to enable quick and easy recognition.  

Dentastic Five Set

The Dentastic Five: Strong on their own, unbeatable as a team.

  • The gentle one: H32
    For drilling out amalgam fillings. The even distribution of the specific blades ensures effective cutting while reducing the heat generation.
  • The angular one: 4COMP
    For removing composite. The specifically designed tip of the working part, the optimized diamond grain and the structured blank allow fast, effective substance removal.
  • The specialist: 4ZRS Jack
    For separating all-ceramic crowns. The special diamond bond combines effective substance removal with a long service life.
  • The snappy one: H4NP
    Separates traditional non-precious metal crowns, even with a layer thickness of more than 1.5 mm. Thanks to its TiN coating, front-cutting blade and special toothing, this instrument cuts through hard metal with unrivalled efficiency.
  • The all-rounder: H4MC
    Komets most successful crown-cutter of all times. Thanks to its pyramid shaped blades and large chip spaces, veneer ceramics and metal frames are like putty in the hands of this instruments.