“Checkomet can see details that you can‘t.”

Exclusive preview at the IDS 2019: test the new Komet App with Checkomet instrument recognition function.

Up to now, you had to recognize the instruments yourself whenever you had to get the tools ready for a treatment. This can be rather tricky because rotary instruments look extremely alike at times, in many cases, too alike to tell them apart quickly and without errors. In response to this, Komet has come up with the perfect answer: A true innovation called “Checkomet”.

The new Komet app features an instrument recognition function that checks any rotary instrument for you. Sounds good? In that case, why don’t you check the “Checkomet“ out for yourself? Pop by the Komet booth at the IDS 2019 for an exclusive preview.

It’s so fast:

Just place the instrument, adjust the camera, take a photo and send the data.
Checkomet checks it for you.