You can keep the engine running.
Canal extension without annoying adjustments.

The new Opener made by Komet – for reciprocating work.

Rearing to go: Our new Opener is suitable for all applications and can be combined with any file system and preparation technique – even with the new ReFlex movement in the EndoPilot.

This Opener is ideally suited for the fast and generous enlargement of the canal entrance zone. It reliably removes most bacteria from the canal right at the start of the treatment. The fast-cutting design of the file ensures quick and thorough removal of the infected coronal tissue.

What’s more, the intelligent construction of the opener opens new perspectives: an improved view of the work field, especially in combination with magnifying glasses or a microscope. The preparatory work done by the Opener relieves the strain on the subsequently used file system and creates ideal conditions for the preparation further down the root canal.