Inspiring solo for composite.

Komet’s new composite remover 4COMP.

The same old story, time and time again: What do I use to remove old composite fillings? An old preparation diamond, a tungsten carbide bur or a special instrument? All of these options are doable – but why go for doable when you can do it the perfect way with Komet’s new composite remover 4COMP?

This new solo artist has been developed for an amazing performance on composite. This special instrument is distinguished by its unexpectedly powerful removal capacity – for fast and effective work and an impressive result. Thanks to the extraordinarily long service life of this reliable helper, you can save precious time over and over again.

The special advantages of the 4COMP ensure an amazing performance every time: the structured blank, the active tip and the pear-shaped working part.

If you wish to perform your daily tasks – especially routine work – quickly and efficiently, in order to gain time for the essential points, we have something special for you in store: Our Dentastic Five (Set 4687ST). This set contains a handy team of helpers (crown-cutters and filling removers) to tackle your everyday jobs.

Do you want to find out more about these everyday heroes?

Then come and test them in person at the demonstration counter at Komet’s booth at the IDS 2019. We look forward to seeing you there.