When computers make appointments with your customers

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Communication

How do your patients usually arrange an appointment in your practice? They are most likely to do this by phone, won’t they? But what if patients suddenly want to use Twitter or your website, an app, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. to make their appointments? How can you actually make sure that you are available through any of these channels at any time? This is exactly what Steven A. Zielke, founder and CEO of Nebelhorn GmbH, explains in his exciting presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dentistry.

Before you watch this very interesting presentation, you will surely wonder what this has to do with everyday work in dental practices or laboratories. As a development partner of Google, Dr. Zielke and his team are working on perhaps the most exciting topic in the computer industry. And yet the managing director of Nebelhorn GmbH has cleverly succeeded in drawing an arc from the development phases of Artificial intelligence in customer communication (AI) to practical application examples of AI in the dental industry. After giving an overview of AI, its various fields of application and the reasons why artificial intelligence will more and more penetrate our lives, Dr. Zielke describes examples to show how communication between customers and companies will change as a result of AI and how it will take over certain day-to-day tasks in dental practices and laboratories.

AI takes over communication with patients and customers

If you do not actively pursue the topic of Artificial Intelligence, you will be amazed how strong AI already influences our communication. Starting with the current status of AI, Dr. Zielke explains in which phases AI will change the communication between customers and companies. Impressive examples from Google or Nebelhorn GmbH prove how advanced the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence have already become. In addition, Dr. Zielke explains which problems may arise by implementing AI and what the biggest challenges are.

How will AI change communication in dental practices and laboratories?

Can you imagine that you will soon no longer be contacted personally by your patients? If not, you should watch the presentation until the end. Because Dr. Zielke is sure that the avatars (digital egos, as he calls them) of your patients will soon make appointments with your appointment calendar and will coordinate their appointments independently with your own AI system. You will notice that these are not science fiction ideas but practical applications that will completely change the way we communicate.

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